Responsible Diving

About us

Diving goes beyond safety alone – it's our duty to protect the environment that enables us to do what we love and ensures your unforgettable experience. Embracing responsible diving means safeguarding the underwater realm, promoting ecological harmony, and uplifting the local community.

Together, we can dive responsibly and create a positive impact for generations to come.
We're not just here for great diving; we're trying to make a difference. As proud Silver Members of Green Fins, an initiative backed by the United Nations, we promote sustainable scuba diving and snorkeling practices. Our commitment? Minimizing our ecological footprint to protect the oceans we love.

PADI Eco Center recognizes that we are committed to eco-conscious diving practices. We focus on ocean preservation, offering sustainable scuba diving experiences that respect and protect marine ecosystems, while actively promoting conservation efforts within our local community.

As a PADI 5-star dive resort, we offer comprehensive PADI programs and quality gear, focusing on aquatic environmental responsibility. We're dedicated to quality diver training and continuing education programs that include dive experiences and conscious approaches to diving.

DIR Diving Philosophy

"Doing It Right" revolutionizes scuba diving with its unwavering commitment to standardization, safety, and efficiency. Born in the cave diving community, this philosophy champions uniform equipment setups and streamlined gear, fostering a strong sense of team unity. At Easy Divers, we proudly embrace DIR to ensure a safer and more conscious diving experience for divers of all levels.

We passionately embrace the DIR diving philosophy, integrating its principles into every dive we conduct. DIR's ethos of safety, efficiency, and teamwork is deeply ingrained in our approach, ensuring that every dive is not only a great experience but - above all - safe.

Fact sheet

S-21930 - PADI 5-star Resort & PADI Eco Center
Silver Green Fins member

  • 12 l aluminium tanks
  • Last hydrotests: 2021 & 2022
  • Air intake: AC room, dehumidified air at 23°C
  • DIN valves + INT adapters
  • 2 instructors + 2 dive masters
  • 1 divemaster trainee
  • Max. 4 divers per guide

  • 15 l aluminium tanks available upon request
  • Nitrox available upon request
People make or break any business.
Rafi Rafianto
PADI Instructor
PADI Divemaster
Kadek Laut
Divemaster trainee
Kadek Laut
Kadek Deni
Kadek Deni
Kadek Danti
Kadek Danti
Jure Mestek - CEO
Ana Mestek
Invisible & CFO
Bali cat Nasi
Fish specialists & QC