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Legal Notice & Privacy policy.

This page holds information and notices of company Easy Divers Bali (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Company”). This web content has been designed to provide general information on the Company and their busines as well as selected information on their products and services. We ask all web visitors to follow the stated terms and conditions of use which apply to all our web visitors. By continuing to view and use the content of this website you agree to these terms.

All the information, images and documents on this website are subject to copyright and other forms of intellectual property protection to the extent stipulated by the law, and may not be copied, reproduced or distributed by any means or in any form. Reproduction is permitted in the event of non-commercial use provided such reproductions clearly acknowledge the exact source “© Easy Divers Bali / All rights reserved.” The intellectual property on this website is copyrighted, and its use is only possible with the prior written permission of the company – holder of intellectual property rights. This also applies to all logos and brand names, the unauthorised use of which is strictly prohibited with the exception of cases as stated in this text.

None of the texts of any kind on this website constitute an offer or an invitation to make an offer in the sense of entering into a contract or conducting transactions related to the Companies products, but are merely meant as promotion texts. The Company's website also contains links to third party websites and/or third party data. As certain links on this website lead to sources on servers maintained by third parties over which the Company has no control, Easy Divers Bali cannot guarantee or assume liability or receive/forward complaints with regard to the privacy protection and contents of such third party websites or the correctness and accuracy of data on third party websites.

The Company and other legal entities and individuals participating in the design and production of these websites reserve the right to at any time change, amend or delete all records published on the website, and assume no liability for any temporary non-functioning of its websites. Any disputes arising from the use of or related to this website fall within the jurisdiction of the competent court in Ljubljana and are governed by the law of the Republic of Slovenia. As a visitor to our website, we kindly ask you to respect these terms and conditions applicable to each website user. By continuing to visit and use the contents of this website you are deemed to agree with these rules.


This notice is published based on the amended Electronic Communications Act (Offic. Gaz. of the RS, no. 109/2012, hereinafter: ZEKom-1), which entered into force in early 2013. The Act has introduced new rules on the use of cookies and similar technologies for storing or accessing information stored on a user's computer or mobile device.

Data about server visit and cookies

The www.easy-divers.eu server automatically assigns every visitor an anonymous unique code. The program you are using to access the Internet saves the code and re-sends it to our server upon every further visit of our website. The technology of data transfer between the server and the user is referred to as cookies. Whenever our website opens, our server records the unique code, the exact time, the address of the website required, the address of the previous website, the codes of advertisements displayed on the website, the type of program used by the visitor and the IP number from which originated the request for accessing the site. The collected data are stored and saved for the purposes described under "What are cookies used for" throughout the functioning of the website. For all registered usernames, our server keeps the data provided upon registration (username, password, e-mail address) and the respective settings. These data are stored indefinitely. They are not connected to a specific natural or legal person, but only to the unique code and username, if such was used. In technical terms, the identification of the natural person using the website at a given moment is impossible. The Company does not disclose the saved data to third parties in the form that would indicate the visit rate and the information (e-mail address) of individual users, but aggregately – as the total number of views and advertisement hits that is disclosed to advertisers, or as the total server visit rate that can be published.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used to monitor the frequency and method of server use. We regularly analyse the visit rate of the sites on our server, the samples and frequencies of moving from one website to the next, in order to determine the interest of visitors in specific content. We use this as guidance in further development of the website content and to adapt it to the users' wishes. We do not monitor the activity of individual users on the website, but the overall information about the use by all users. Only exceptionally we view the activity of a user (not the person, as the identity is not known to us, but the code assigned to a cookie) in the framework of our server, namely in rare situations, when the user encounters problems – for instance, having difficulties accessing certain content, receiving messages about potential errors, etc. – or in a very rare case of suspected attack or attempted server intrusion.

What cookies do not do

The cookies you receive from and send to our server:

  • do not transfer data from your computer to any other server other than that of the sender;
  • do no transfer to our server any data other than those sent by the server to the user and sent back to the server upon each visit (unique codes);
  • do not contain your personal name, address, etc.;
  • cannot infect your computer with a virus or damage it in any other way;
  • do not allow the Company to learn anything about your activity on or off the Internet, except for the visits to our server;
  • do not enable access to your personal data if these data have not been provided to us by you.
  • If you disable the cookies, you will be able to continue using most of the content on our server.

Data deletion

If you feel that the server is storing the data you provided that you do not want to be stored, you can request such data to be deleted at any time. The data will be deleted as soon as it is confirmed that you are the data subject. Data deletion may result in your order and/or registration not being processed.

The use of data submitted by users

A server which is subject to technical and software security collects some data that are voluntarily entered in forms at separate links, according to the purpose/by category of data submitted. We undertake to protect according to the applicable legislation the confidentiality of all personal data submitted to us on the basis of express consent of the data subject. The submitted personal data will be used solely for the purpose for which they were obtained.

Which cookies does the website contain?

Name Purpose Duration Company
PHPSESSID This cookie is used for managing user session on the website end of session easy-divers.eu
__utma It is used to calculate new and returning visitor statistics. It is used by Google Webmaster and Analytics 2 years easy-divers.eu
__utmb It counts the duration of a session/visit of a user 30 minutes easy-divers.eu
__utmc It counts the duration of a session/visit of a user end of session easy-divers.eu
__utmz Used to collect information anonymously about how visitors use the site 6 months easy-divers.eu

Cookie supervision

You decide on the use of cookies. You can remove cookies at any time and thus disable your identification on the Internet. Most browsers have an optional setting not to save cookies. For information about the options of individual browsers see the settings.

Cookies manager

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