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Answers to all your questions.

  • How does a diving day with Easy Divers looks like? How long it takes to do two dives or a snorkeling trip to Menjangan?

    Menjangan Island, Secret Bay, Marine Park Reefs, or Muck Bay: if you have already tried on your equipment, we meet at 8.15 am at Easy Divers. If you still need to select your gear, come a bit earlier (8 am). Before a short van ride, we relax in our garden with some ginger tea, which calms your stomach and makes sure (at least 90% sure) you won’t get sick on the boat going to Menjangan or Marine Park. We also bring bottled water and a light lunch for you. After doing two one-hour dives, with a 1.5 h surface interval between them, we are back at our dive center in the afternoon (around 3.30 pm).

    Snorkelers joining us for the trip to Menjangan Island join the same group at the same time and their snorkeling guide is with you in the water – not just to point out interesting marine life, but also to pay attention to your safety or answer any questions you may have.

    Pemuteran Bay & Pemuteran Reefs: we start at 8.45 am (so be here at 8.30 am) and finish in the early afternoon (around 1 pm). After a five-minute walk to the beach (your equipment is taken there by our staff), we either board the boat for Pemuteran Reefs (10 min ride), or don our gear and submerge into the blue right from the shore. Two one-hour dives and a 1.5 h of surface interval later, and we’re back at Easy Divers around 1 pm.

    Diving with us, you don’t need to worry about carrying or cleaning your equipment. Our staff will do it for you, so you can take it Easy.

  • Who will be diving with us at Easy Divers?

    Heri and Rafi are leading most of the dives. During the years, Heri has also developed into a fine dive guide, although he is our go-to snorkeling god. We did hundreds of dives together and they are as good as they come. They worked hard to get their PADI certificates and we are proud to say they are one of the best in Pemuteran.

  • Can we clean and store our diving equipment at Easy Divers?

    Yes, our staff will clean and store your equipment.

  • I have a DIN regulator and my wife uses INT. Do we need any adapters?

    No, our tank valves are DIN and we have INT adapters for INT regulators.

  • Nitrox?


  • We were checking several offers for diving in your area and we think some dive centers are promising more than you are. What do you think about this?

    Promising or delivering?

  • Are there any banks or at least ATM machines in Pemuteran?

    No banks, but there are three ATMs about ten minutes’ walk from Easy Divers. They do tend to break down, so ask us about the most reliable ones when you arrive. For hotels (not homestays) and diving services, you can also pay with Mastercard or Visa.

  • What are the dining possibilities in Pemuteran?

    Asian, Indonesian cuisine at its best - rice, vegetables, sauces, soups, fish, chicken, deserts. You can try out hotel restaurants as well as small, good warungs along the main road. One of the hotels specializes in Thai food, another in European cuisine, while third offers some Greek specialties.

  • Is it possible to get a taxi or hire a car in Pemuteran?

    Pemuteran offers a local transport service which can take you anywhere in Bali. You can order a car with a driver at your hotel or with us.