Avoid the stress of dealing with transport after a long flight. We can arrange a driver to pick you up and bring you straight to our doorstep. The price for 1-3 people with luggage is Rp 800,000 which you can pay straight to the driver. The journey takes around 4 hours depending on the traffic.
The Mountain Pass route to Pemuteran
Route 1

The Mountain Pass

This is the quickest route through the mountains, passing the Bedugul traditional market and the famous Ulun Danu Beratan lake temple. On the very top it offers stunning views of Bali's twin lakes before descending and continuing along the north coast towards Pemuteran.

Duration: around 4 hours

Route 2

The Road Less Taken

The alternative route through Pupuan offers a quieter drive with less traffic and a gentler ascent to the mountains. It takes you along small scattered villages and picturesque Belimbing rice terraces where you can stop for a local lunch with an impressive view.

Duration: around 4 hours

The Road Less Taken route to Pemuteran
The Diver's Safe Passage route to Pemuteran
Route 3

The Diver's Safe Passage

If you intend to travel to the south of the island after diving in Pemuteran, take the safest road that avoids the mountains and meanders along the Bali's west coast. It will take just about half an hour longer but you will make sure to avoid the chance of DCS due to higher altitude.

Duration: around 4-5 hours

Route 4

The Local Experience

Choose this route for an authentic travel adventure. Start with a shuttle bus from Denpasar to Lovina, then switch to a local bemo, a traditional minibus with no AC, to reach Pemuteran. Costing around Rp 350,000, it's ideal for those seeking to travel like a local and have enough time on their hands.

Duration: around 5-6 hours

The Local Experience Route

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