Menjangan island is named after the Indonesian for 'deer', as deer regularly swim to its shores from Bali. It has been a part of the West Bali National Park since 1941, so it's no wonder it boasts such beautiful coral reefs teeming with life. The island offers easy, accessible dives and is celebrated for its breathtaking vertical walls that start near the surface and plunge from 30 to 60 meters deep.

The northern shores of Menjangan, with vibrant coral gardens, make it a top location for snorkelers and divers in search for an unforgettable underwater experience in Bali.


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Top 5 dive sites

  • 1. Cave point

    Amazing drop-off teeming with colorful tropical marine life and beautiful corals with an undewater cave at 14 meters. In the right season the cave is usually inhabited by baby white-tip reef sharks. It is also a permanent home for a group of electric clams. The dive site is great for divers of all certification levels and snorkelers alike.

    Depth: 3 to 25 m
    Common Dwellers: mackerel, angelfish, butterfly fish, jacks, groupers, electric clam.
    Special Guests: whitetip reef shark, eagle ray, banded snake eel, moray eel.

  • 2. Eel Garden

    Eel Garden is arguably one of the best dive sites in Menjangan. But it can also be one of the trickiest. The passing current attracts large schools of fish and is ideal for the coral. The wall is located on the westernmost edge of the island and it drops down to approximately 40 meters. It ends with a sandy channel home to a large colony of dancing garden eels. The step coral slope behind it rises all the way to the shallows. The area is usually patrolled by larger predators ranging from reef sharks to tunas, trevally, and barracudas. If you don't mind current and are experienced enough (regardless if you are a snorkeler or a diver) then Eel Garden should definitely be on your wish list.

    Depth: 4 to 30 m
    Common Dwellers: frogfish, eels, angelfish, mackerel, bannerfish, snappers, triggerfish, white & black tip reef shark, giant & bluefin trevally, dogtooth tuna.
    Special Guests: spotted eagle ray, schoolling barracuda and kingfish.

  • 3. Coral Garden

    Coral Garden features four different dive sites, full of reef fish, big coral fans, soft coral carpets & hard coral colonies. Whether be a lazy drift across the slope or a relaxing swim the exploration of this dive site never disappoints. You might occasionally be interrupted by a passing giant grouper, a turtle, or a group of hunting trevallies. Like in most of the dive sites around Menjangan exploring the shallows on your safety stop is rewarding.

    Depth: 4 to 30 m
    Common Dwellers: titan triggerfish, clown triggerfish, batfish, glass shrimp, angelfish, moorish idol, schoolling redtooth triggerfish, green sea turtle
    Special Guests: hawksbill sea turtle, reef shark, schools of mackerel, bluefin trevally.

  • 4. Bat Caves

    Bat Caves is one of our favourite dive sites in Menjangan, abundant with reef fish spilling down magnificent vertical walls like colorful rivers of shimmering light. Because of its location and intermittent currents, this spot offers the best opportunity to meet a reef shark out for a leisurely swim.

    Depth: 5 to 55 m
    Common Dwellers: redtooth triggerfish, schools of jackfish, tuna, turtle, rainbow runner, clown triggerfish, reef sharks
    Special Guests: eagle ray, pygmy seahorse.

  • 5. Dream Wall

    A stunning dive site, featuring mandering walls and pinnacles awash with coral and gorgonian fans. As we explore deeper, we are awarded with an array of soft corals that create a breathtaking underwater landscape. With its diverse marine life and stunning scenery, Dream Wall truly lives up to its name.

    Depth: 5 to 55 m
    Common Dwellers: big schools of mackerel, giant trevally, tuna, red snapper, turtle, nudibranch
    Special Guests: eagle ray, pygmy seahorse, reef shark, bumphead parrotfish.

Family trip to Menjangan Island
Daily Excursion

Family trip to Menjangan

A day trip to Menjangan island is a perfect daily activity for the whole family. Diving or snorkeling with a visit to the island where you can relax and explore the sandy beaches, visit the temples and observe the deer. For children, we make a snorkeling trip both educational and fun.