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General terms and conditions.

Terms, Conditions and Dive Center Rules

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Depth Limits and Overhead Environments

All our policies are in accordance with the international diving standards and the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia. Diving qualifications below adhere to the PADI school but are interchangeable with their equivalents.

  • All divers under 15: 12 m
  • Discover Scuba Divers: 12 m
  • Advanced Open Water Divers with a Deep Dive: 30 m
  • Divers with Deep Dive specialty: 40 m
  • Divemasters: down to 40 m, depending on qualifications
  • Instructors: down to 40 m, depending on qualifications
  • TEC Divers: 40 m
  • Overhead penetration beyond the limits of a "swim through" described as an area with entry/exit points at both ends and not exceeding 10 m in length will be limited to those divers with overhead environment certification.
  • Easy Divers reserves the right to refuse further service without compensation to any diver who exceeds these depth limits and/or follows unsafe and unresponsible diving practices and/or refuses to follow the instructions of their dive guide.
  • Easy Divers reserves the right to refuse any further service without compensation to a diver who causes damage to the underwater environment and/or refuses to follow the instructions of their dive guide.
  • Easy Divers is a recreational dive center and thus obliged to follow the national laws for recreational dive establishments in the Republic of Indonesia. Under no condition will the diver exceed the maximum depth limit of 40 m (even if in possession of a TEC certification). Should the diver fail to follow this out of negligence or unwillingness to cooperate, Easy Divers reserves the right to refuse any further service without compensation as well as the right to take legal action against the diver for any damages incurred to Easy Divers on grounds of not following the national law.

Pre-Conditions for Diving

  • In accordance with the local Indonesian law and safe diving practices, Easy Divers will not rent any diving equipment to a diver who wishes to dive without a dive guide. The diving equipment will be rented only under the condition that an Easy Divers dive guide accompanies the diver.
  • The dive sites shall be chosen by the dive guide on site according to the actual conditions, safety guidelines, the diver’s diving abilities and qualifications. In the event of deemed inappropriate or dangerous conditions, the dive guide will call the dive and the diver will oblige.
  • It is the responsibility of each diver to be in possession of the diving certificate corresponding to the level of the dives that will be carried out. In the event of false representation, Easy Divers reserve the right to deny services to the offender or cancel booked diving plans without compensation.
  • It is the responsibility of each diver to self-assess their diving abilities.
  • All divers need to sign a Risk and Liability Statement.
  • All divers conducting a dive course need to sign a self-assessed medical statement that they are fit to dive.
  • If the diver answers “YES” to any of the medical conditions on the form, a medical certificate signed by a doctor or a specialist declaring them fit for diving may be required.
  • Should a diver make false statements on their medical statement, Easy Divers is under no condition liable for any diving accidents involving the diver and can press charges.
  • Divers under the age of 18 need to provide a written parental/guardian consent allowing them to dive.
  • Should a dive guide judge that the immersion of a diver would pose a risk to the underwater environment at a certain or any dive site, Easy Divers reserves the right to refuse the service without compensation.

Essential items to bring with you

  • Certification card
  • Doctor's certificate (if required)
  • Log Book/Referral or E-Learning paperwork

Refresher Dives

A refresher dive is required for divers who have been inactive for the following periods of time:

  • Less than 20 logged dives and inactive for 6 months or more
  • Less than 50 logged dives and inactive for 1 year or more
  • Less than 100 logged dives and inactive for 2 years or more
  • All divers inactive for more than 5 years will be asked to do a PADI ReActivate Course


  • The use of drugs or alcohol before diving or snorkeling is strictly prohibited and anyone who arrives to the activity under the influence or incapacitated will not be allowed to dive and/or snorkel and/or take part in a scuba diving course. Easy Divers reserves the right to deny services to divers or snorkelers repeating the offense without compensation.
  • Should it be established that the diver dived with a hangover, Easy Divers is under no condition liable for any diving accidents involving the diver and can press charges on the grounds of false claims in the Liability release forms (chapter Safe Diving Practices).

Marine Life

  • Feeding fish, collecting shells, corals, or any living or dead organisms from the sea is strictly prohibited. Divers will not collect or touch anything, and will respect the sea and the environment.
  • Under no circumstances, unless absolutely necessary for their safety or during Coral Planting dives, will divers and snorkelers come in contact or touch marine life.
  • Taking part in Coral Planting dive, the diver will follow the rules and instructions given to them by their dive guide.
  • Taking part in Dive Against Debris dive, the diver will follow the rules and instructions given to them by their dive guide.
  • Regarding the Coral Planting and Dive Against Debris dives, Easy Divers is not liable for any accidents or damages arising from the diver not adhering to the rules and instructions received.
  • Divers and snorkelers found to be in breach of this rule will be refused any further activities without compensation.

Marine Heritage and Fossils

  • Indonesian law prohibits the collection of any type of archeological material as well as the collection of fossils. Divers found to be in breach of these laws are subject to heavy fines and/or imprisonment.
  • Carrying sand, shells, coral, and other marine life, dead or alive, upon exiting Indonesia constitutes a breach of national laws and can result in heavy fines and/or imprisonment.

Public Decency

Indonesian Laws relating to public decency are very strict and as such we ask divers to respect the local population and traditions by dressing appropriately at all times as well as covering themselves when changing in public.

Insurance & Loss, Theft and Damage

  • Guests are responsible for taking out adequate insurance cover for their diving activities and equipment.
  • Easy Divers is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of any personal items. Furthermore, Easy Divers is not responsible for dive equipment stored in their facilities or vehicles as the service is offered in good faith. All guests are encouraged to take out travel insurance for this purpose.

Rental Equipment

Though every effort is made to ensure our equipment is in proper working order and fit for purpose, it is the responsibility of each diver to check their equipment prior to its use.

Customers are fully responsible for any Easy Divers equipment they use and will be charged full replacement cost for any dive center equipment lost or damaged. Please ensure equipment is logged in and out, and taken care of.

Replacement costs are as follows:

  • Weights: Rp 90,000/kg
  • Mask: Rp 800,000
  • Weight belt: Rp 220,000
  • Jacket BCD: Rp 7,000,000
  • xDeep BCD: Rp 12,000,000
  • Regulator: Rp 8,000,000
  • Fins (one or both): Rp 1,400,000
  • Long wetsuit: Rp 2,700,000
  • Short wetsuit: Rp 1,800,000
  • Rashguard: Rp 500,000
  • Neoprene jacket: Rp 800,000
  • Snorkel: Rp 250,000
  • Computer: Rp 6,200,000
  • Other items per market price of a new item


The diver is obliged to pay a Rp 700,000 negligence penalty (per tank) if their scuba diving tank is returned with less than 20 bar due to their misconduct.

Unaccompanied Minors

Parents wishing to dive separately from their minors may be required to pay for private guiding/instruction for the unaccompanied minor.


  • All PADI course materials must be paid at the time of purchase, all other services, purchases or payment for lost/damaged equipment will be paid upon arrival, during or at the end of services rendered.
  • 20% deposits paid to secure a booking are non-refundable.
  • Payment options: cash (only in Indonesian Rupiah), credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), remote credit card payment (Xendit), online transfer (Wise, Revolut), bank transfer.
  • There is no transaction fee for any on site payments with Visa or Mastercard.
  • Any possible administrative fees incurred by paying through remote credit card payment (Xendit), online transfer (Wise), or bank transfer are covered by the customer.

  • Currency

    Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

    Updated: June 2024