Snorkeling Menjangan.

With its shallow coral reefs, Menjangan is perfect for snorkeling. If you’re not sure diving is your cup of tea, you can relax, snorkel and see almost everything the divers will be talking about when they resurface. Less faint of heart can peek over the drop-off and maybe catch a glimpse of a harmless reef shark or two.

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Family snorkeling trip to Menjangan island

Family trip to Menjangan

A day trip to Menjangan island is a perfect daily activity for the whole family. Snorkeling for the kiddos and maybe even diving for the grown-ups, plus a visit to the island where you can relax, explore the sandy beaches, and observe curious deer. Sounds good? For children, we make a snorkeling trip both educational and fun! A private boat is also possible upon request.

Price for a family of four:

Discover Scuba Diving

Do you enjoy snorkeling but now you’re going to the tropics, the real-life aquarium, and you’re itching to be closer to fish? Menjangan island is probably one of the best places to do your first underwater breaths.

Price for 2 intro dives (national park fee included):
Neme the Clownfish in Menjangan, Bali
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