Diving Menjangan.

Explore the coral reefs and walls of Menjangan, one of the main reasons divers visit North Bali. There’s nothing to it – Menjangan is a stunning diving experience. It offers amazing drop-offs, beautiful coral gardens, huge gorgon fans, schools of tropical reef fish, and even a small cave with electric disco clams.

Price for
2 dives + fee + equipment
3 dives + fee + equipment
2 dives + fee + equipment
3 dives + fee + equipment
Diving the coral walls of Menjangan

3 dives in Menjangan

Since you're already going to Menjangan and paying for the daily ticket, why not get your money's worth? Book three dives and explore three different diving locations in one day.

Price (equipment & fee included):

Discover Scuba Diving

Do you enjoy snorkeling but now you’re going to the tropics, the real-life aquarium, and you’re itching to be closer to fish? Menjangan island is probably one of the best places to do your first underwater breaths.

Price for 2 intro dives (national park fee included):
Neme the Clownfish in Menjangan, Bali
Descending the slope of Anchor Wreck dive site in Menjangan

The silence of the deep

Fancy yourself a seasoned diver and want to see what’s happening a little deeper on the reef? If proper certifications and dives are in your pocket, we’re good to go! Contact us for more information and a private guide.

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