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More than 15 years in Pemuteran. SCUBA diving in North Bali - at Menjangan Island, Pemuteran Reefs and Secret Bay.

15 years in Pemuteran Bali
“A friendly place to unwind. A professional dive crew that will treat me as a friend. Good dives. Pleasant relaxation on the boat. A chat. Some laughter.” If your train of thoughts is tempting you to a journey like this, welcome.
Praises (yes, yes, please do feed my ego) and blame (if you dare) for authorized content of Easy Divers Bali web pages direct to Dusan Repic, MSDT, scuba addict with 20 years of experience in Europe and South East Asia, bon vivant, a true diver, founder of Easy Divers Bali and your diving buddy.
A nice, warm thank you to my brothers (and sisters) in arms, especially to:

Ana Koren, PhD, for her laughter and not jumping out of her skin at some of my ideas.
Mateja Novak Kukovič for extreme patience and perfect implementation of our creations.
Olga Troha, DA, for not putting us in jail when creative minds became wild and for her heavenly pastries.
Silva Sever, for not fainting at some of our design ideas.
Furry Samurais, Inc., for keeping our spirits alive and kicking.
Ljubo Jasnic for friendship and drawings.
Jure Mestek and Mugo d.o.o., who made it possible for you to see this page and enabling me to see the light of technical mysteries.
Tim Berners-Lee at CERN Institute for kindling the idea of world wide web in 1989.

And a warm hug to all my diving and non diving friends for bearing with me.

Dušan Repic
Your renegade scuba preacher,